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Quality Metrics

About us how we can improve your quality measures.

Dr. Brian Ludwig and Dr. Eric Ludwig along with Long Island Optometry Care, PLLC have worked closely with other partners in the industry to improve HEDIS (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set) scores for multiple insurance companies.  HEDIS is a set of tools used by the healthcare industry that spans 81 measures across 5 domains. These tools allow health plans to be compared across a wide range of different measures.

One of the HEDIS measures is Comprehensive Diabetic Care.  A subset of this measure is a diabetic eye exam (retinal). These measures and then reported to patient’s primary care providers.

We have helped to close gaps in patient coverage through our mobile diabetic eye exam unit.   We are pleased to announce that we have worked with partners in Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk County, New York to service patients for in-home eye exams.

Diabetes is one of the the leading cause of age-related blindness in the United States.  Dr. Ludwig will preform a dilated exam on each patient in order to asses the fine structures of the eye, which can cause vision loss to patients who have diabetes.